The post made for Metal fans, but I hope will be interesting for everyone

I am pretty tolerant person while we speak about music. I have some genres that I prefer but I listen some music that dosn’t belong to my favourite genres. For example I don’t like Rap, but I like few old Eminem’s songs.
But some people are strictly addicted to one genre. Such people never listen music performed in any genres except their favourite. And they miss a lot of good music.
This post is made to help Metal fans to find out great songs from outside the “Metal World”.
Good news are that Norwegian metal musician Leo Moracchioli “fixed” non metal songs by making their metal covers.

Who is Leo Moracchioli
Leo Moracchioli is Norwegian producer, arranger, singer and multi instrumentalist. He’s famous for his metal covers of popular songs. Most of covers are arranged, performed and recorded by him in his own Frog Leap Studios. Some of covers were made with guest musicians mostly to perform female vocal. Even videos mostly are recorded by him in studio.
But there are some exceptions. For example cover of Beatles Come Together was recorded with number of guest musicians in Abbey Road Studios.
I found him a few days ago on Youtube and can’t stop listening his covers. In my opinion most of covers are good, some are average, but there are some covers that are outstanding.
The most amazing fact is that he records new cover every single week. So there are more than 400 songs available.
He performs live with his Frog Leap band live as well.
Follow the links below to hear some covers (just choose your favourite song😀).
Do you like Metal covers made by Leo Moraccholi?

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I don’t think you have to be a Metal fan to appreciate these, they are brilliant!

Thank you for sharing – I really enjoyed the ABBA covers and Sultans of Swing.

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Glad you like it. You got 400 songs left :joy:

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All sound the same, only noise!

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@Chiquinho, I will google if there is someone that makes Classic covers and post it for you :joy:

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I know there are a lot and some of those are absolutely excellent.

What about this one?
You know it?

Original from Modest Mussorgski.

I’ve been following Leo for a bit now, love his creativity.

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No “own ideas”?
Is his “creativity” only to spoil good old songs?

I thought the 1st one wasn’t bad. A few of the others there was a lot of screaming, but I was just skipping through. I’ll give it more time tonight. Thanks for sharing! :+1:


You are wasting time Steve, believe me.