The Q35 is better than the Q45

We all know all this marketing bullshit by Soundcore. But it’s obvisouly that the Q35, even the Q30, has a better soundstage than the Q45. I own all three: The Q30, the Q35 and the Q45. And my winner is: The Q35. There is no better sound with LDAC. Even with LDAC the Q45 sounds dull. The Q35 is the winner.


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My reference track to compare all these Soundcore headsets Q30, Q35 and Q45 was Kraftwerk: “Trans Europa Express” by Tidal Hifi (Flac).

It was only a joke.
Forgive me please! :smile:


It’s really annoying how bad the Q45 sounds in comparison to the Q35 in LDAC mode, even the Q30 without LDAC sounds better.

I am not using any of these headphones.
But I am sure there will be other regulars here to discuss with.

If I was going to make a thread saying I had all 3 Headphones and basically ripping one of them, I would add pictures so people didn’t think I was making it all up. Just saying!


Der Q35 gerade bei amazon mit 40€ Rabatt. No brainer. Get it.

Make your mind up, it keeps changing… now you say you have the Q35, before you said it was overpriced 'upgrade" and wait for the Q40 (which was and then wasn’t having AptX)




I would actually like to give this some honest feedback from an adult and female point of view, 1 don’t curse, yes it’s not to bad but possibly text BS instead . 2. You sound about 12 or 13 in your maturity level. 3. You discuss sound stage but bring no clear meaning to the phrase. Care to elaborate shall I go on ?


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I went ahead and took out the curse word in your topic. You have changed it back. Please change it again or I will have to close the thread.

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Yeahh close the thread. haha

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Chris why must you troll perhaps you should go ask mum if you can go outside and play. Or better yet go to school and learn manners

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Mimimi. Haha.

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The Q45 is shitty.