The Reviews Have Started

No matter how good we think a product is, the wait for reviews is always a nail-biting time. Liberty 2 Pro is currently in the ears of some of the most influential reviewers and YouTubers—and their opinions are critical to Liberty 2 Pro’s success.

The good news is, we’re already getting our first review in… The even better news is that the reviewers are loving it. We were so excited that we wanted to share one review with you guys in the Collective.

“the true wireless earphone market is probably the most overcrowded sector in the consumer audio market right now. These true wireless earbuds will have to be something really special to make any impact at all… The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro true wireless earbuds are special.”

“Next, the sound quality; it’s truly excellent and exciting. That sums these earbuds up perfectly.”

Feel free to read the rest of the Forbes review here.

And that isn’t the end of the good news, either. Because we want to hear as many opinions as possible on our products, we’re rewarding all Collective members who submit a Liberty 2 Pro review with 30 Points and not the usual 5, but 10 Notes. Just follow the steps below and start hauling in those sweet, sweet Notes.

Step 1: Go to ‘My Orders’, and click ‘View Details’ .

Step 2: Click ‘Write a Feedback’ (Soon to be changed to ‘Write A Review’)

Step 3: Write and submit your review.

Step 4: Copy your review link. You’ll need it in the next step.

Step 5: Go to your profile on The Collective. Head to the Review section. Click ‘Upload Review’.

Step 6: Fill out the required info and paste your review link where it says ‘Copy your review link here’. And you’re done!

Double Notes for Liberty 2 Pro reviews will be available until January 1st 2020.

We’ve also changed the rules on “How to Earn Points and Notes”, so that you can now leave reviews across multiple platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the Liberty 2 Pro train and get your review in!


Hmm. So the only way I can leave a review on soundcore, is if I purchased the product though soundcore?

Because I purchased the life q20 on amazon, but wanted to leave a review on for it…

Good initiative, but will lack participation :nauseated_face:

This not seem to suit many Soundcore fans. What about people who bought products from Amazon, Walmart or won in contests / giveaways… they have been jailed from writing any reviews…


Please read what he said, they have revised the rules and sites you can post on

anyone can write their review and participate. And if you won a pair, it will still be in your order history but as order cancelled as it was free

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I bought my q20s on amazon, but I have like a permanent ban from reviewing on there or something. So I also can’t review on soundcore because I didn’t purchase them on there… What now?

And the same goes for my Ace a0

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Have you tried to review it in Amazon? Post your review with pictures and see if it takes, the pictures are proof you have the product


Lol the website won’t even let me start reviewing the product haha.

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2 things, either call them up or just create a new account


Is it not possible to create review on the Collective Community then copy that link?

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For most that go into Amazon Review Jail stay in review jail and never come out. They also may never know the real reason. When being blocked, they just link to the review policy.

That is really weird… you need to contact them over chat and explain this error to them.

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This is great offer, I doubt I will have the funds to purchase a new soundcore products before the deadline.

What did you do to get banned on Amazon?
Did they see that their AWS servers are slow because of you? LO L :rofl:

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Maybe I was using their servers for crypto

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There are multiple websites to choose from. As you can see below:

No. The reason we’re rewarding for reviews on these key websites is because that’s where the masses go to see reviews. Sadly, the masses don’t come to the Soundcore Collective to review a product. Hence why we don’t reward reviews on here in the same manner.

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Not yet :wink:

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I like it! Let’s dream big!! For real.


Maybe @TechMan should get more for reviewing here. Since everyone he knows or has bumped into once in the street is signed up here now.