The right earbud won't connect and won't even flash

I bought the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro and the left earbud works great but the right one won’t connect and it won’t even flash or anything. I had this problem right out the box.

I’ve seen others have similar issues but it seems like for me the right one is just dead and they’re fully charged.

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Press and hold down the button on the earbud to see if you can get it to turn on

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I’ve done that and nothing happens.

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Have you checked to see if anything is blocking the pins or if they are missing?

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Everything looks good, I think the earbud is just bad. I sent them an email about the issue so hopefully tomorrow they’ll get back to me.

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I was having the same issue with the left earbud. I think the charging pins in the case or receptors on the earbud are very sensitive to dust. The problem resolved after I wet a microfiber cloth with 90% isopropyl alcohol & wiped both the charging pins in the case and the charging receptors on the earbuds.


  • Turn of Bluetooth on your phone
  • Delete the Bluetooth profile for the L2P (if you have one)
  • Put the buds back in the case- leave lid open
  • Hold the button on the back of the case until the LED on the buds turn red
  • close the lid for a few seconds
  • open the case
  • turn on Bluetooth on your device
  • wait for “liberty 2 pro” to show up, and click it
  • wait a few seconds
  • on the screen a pairing request should show up. Confirm it

Now both buds should be connected, and both stereo and mono mode should be working perfectly

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The major problem I’ve had with all the solutions I’ve read is that only the left LED works for me. The right one hasn’t shown anything. No blinking or flashing LED, etc.

Clean the charging pins on both the earbud and case, make sure they make contact when the earbud is placed inside the case

I had this problem except it was the left ear. The left ear was stuck on the default firmware as it kept giving me an error after 48%. Contact support and get your RMA started.