The Robocall App we've all been waiting for

I think this is something we have all needed for a long time. Maybe my phone can go back to only ringing once a day or less…

I installed the app DoNotPay… it asks for Credit card…

Why does it need the credit card and Bank details if it has to cancel the robocall??

Says right at the bottom, fights and refunds your fees.

this is an app which is kind of a virtual lawyer… rather than a robocall app…
title may be misleading, should be worded as legal option to fight robocalls.

hmmm interesting…let us know how it went. I don’t know if Iam ready to give my bank details to a 3rd party app

I cancelled out of it, and deleted the app, I have too many apps to block spam and a trick of my own :smiley:

“Maybe my phone can go back to only ringing once a day or less…”

It used to be, pre-internet, that when the phone rang it was a family member or friend—someone you knew. These days I think the average % is less than 10.

People from the pre-00s tend to pick up the phone, while those raised with the internet ignore seem to the ringing.