The Soundcore Collective: A How-To Guide

Welcome to the Soundcore Collective! But what now? Well, this article is a pretty good place to start exploring as we’re about to take a closer at the best bits of The Collective …


Head over here to check out what your fellow Collective members are discussing, or hit the Create Thread button to get the conversation rolling. Topics are sorted by categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Want to chat about the latest audio tech? There’s a section for that. Got a burning question? Ask the Collective and get the answers you need. There are also categories for news, reviews, music, fitness, and suggestions for how to improve The Collective.



Upload your own images or YouTube videos of your Soundcore earphones and speakers and check out content shared by other users. If your content is selected by Soundcore as ‘This Week’s Best Collective Content’ you’ll earn 20 Notes, and if your image is featured on Soundcore’s official social media you’ll receive 5 Notes - not to mention you’ll be famous on Soundcore!



Right in the center of the page is a personalized referral link just for you. This is one of the easiest and best ways for you to earn more Points and Notes by simply copying your link and sharing it with your friends. When your friends join the Soundcore Collective or purchase Soundcore earphones and speakers via your link you’ll both be rewarded! Get 50 Points and 10 Notes for every referral or sale you make.

What are Points and Notes?

Points put you in the Monthly Leaderboard Competition where the top 10 members win Soundcore prizes. They’re also needed for levelling up, getting exclusive access and leaderboard prizes. Learn more about earning Points and Notes here. Learn more about levelling up here.

Depending on your location, Notes can be exchanged for:

  • Soundcore Swag
  • Coupons to buy products on
  • Giveaway tickets to enter weekly giveaways


Insider Testing

Get involved in the We Love Testing program for beta-testing and free products for reviews, which is exclusive to Anker Community and Soundcore Collective members.

Your Personal Profile

You can tailor your profile, check notifications, see messages, check your Points and Notes, and customize your preferences.

One thing you’ll definite want to use this is the Review tab! Just use the Review tab on your profile to upload recent online reviews. For each review you upload you’ll receive 5 Notes, while being awarded ‘Review of the Week’ adds 25 Notes to your total.

If you’ve got any questions, or there’s any topics you’d like me to talk about in greater depth, then feel free to leave a comment below!

Please note: Soundcore reserves the right to pause, modify or discontinue any aspect of the Soundcore Collective at any time, including, but not limited to, Points and Notes.


:arrow_up: Great overview of all of the community features!

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Thanks! Have you checked out Referrals yet? Especially the “Exchange Notes” section. That’s where the Notes really come in!

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Awesome write up! Thank you for the info!

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Excellent overview of the community features, the personalised referrals looks good!

This is super helpful coming from the Anker community to here.

Woah that’s a whole new level. You should allow exchange of powerbucks and notes but have fluctuating exchange rates. Then people could currency speculate :laughing:

Very helpful read. I’m really excited to see this community grow.

Best suggestions yet! That sounds like a ton of fun!

Better yet, program an algorithm that will follow the patterns of specific stocks or something (maybe bitcoin) so it adds an even funner element!

IMHO… leave the two communities separated with no exchange, will only lead to confusion

IMO one community would be better, than 2. Why confuse people?


These are the best words!!! 100% with you on it @TechMan :+1:

One Community - One Platform :slight_smile:


No, this isnt no One community One sound band ordeal. This is much better as users are able to focus on audio products and reviews in one place and not have to search amongst all other products

There has been lot of posts on other community plus the social media, there is still section for Soundcore in there - will it not add to confusion?

there may be some traffic going there as well… how will this be tackled will the big challenge, members posting it on both communities, only to be told to post on this one.

The more I read through the soundcore forum, the more I see the benefits of being a member. Kind of hope some of the fun interaction stuff drifts back over to Ankers other community.

On the anker community you still have powerbucks, and the powerdraw and auction.

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Will read fully when home with glasses on ,:mag::eyeglasses::mag_right:

Both communities will have thier own events… Anker community may have fewer Soundcore events I guess…

So what you are saying is refer a friend