The Soundcore Collective: A How-To Guide

So I joined and ended up exchanging 10 Notes for 10 giveaway tickets… but after I submitted the exchange my account shows that I have zero notes… but it never gave me the giveaway tickets… anyone know how to fix?

Great feature and how to write up. Thanks for sharing.

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I don’t know what’s or how’s, and just trusting those that do, to do what’s right and to.make sure loses out for not knowing or understanding

this is helpful, thank you

Guess I need to start buying more Soundcore items lol

Hey @Loz, I’ve seen that points from Anker community would be transferred here as well, is it true ? Isn’t supposed to be kind of a standalone community ?

And how else is this community going to be related to Anker’s ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The points will be transferred over in the beginning of October.

Has posted by @Loz, in the future, this community will be almost entirely separate from the anker community.

Thanks for your answer!
But yeah so why do we need to transfer the points if it’s going to be independent ? Wouldn’t it be more interesting to start from scratch and see who’s really active in this community instead of who was active before in an other one ?

I think anker just wanted to be nice to us…

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So is anyone else seeing an issue with new topic posts? When I log in an look at new topics it says 19 but when you click it there are no unread topics. Programming glitch maybe?

Yea I reported it day one, but hasnt been addressed yet

Yep, it’s been reported.

thanks for the replies

Thank you Soundcore team for changing leader from email to usernames :clap:

Thank you for the overview. Brilliantly written and informative.

Welcome @Spotlight61 Andrew, stick around/read/have fun and most of all enjoy eachothers online company.

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