The Soundcore Life Q30 Review: 1 Month Later

Hey guys,

Here is my one month later review of the rather awesome Life Q30 Headphones


Thanks a lot for sharing, Dan. If we need to, do you mind if we use any of this on social and credit you for it on the video / in the copy as usual?

@sean.L heads up :point_up_2:

idk if I’m looking at the wrong but are you giving sean the middle finger :joy:
weird on my computer versus ipad one looks like the pointer the other looks like the middle finger :rofl:

Hahaha it was originally! Spotted it and changed.

My bad :sweat_smile:


It’s all good the change happened so fast that when I looked on my iPad it was different and I thought I was losing it. hope you’re having a great day

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You guys can use any of my videos whenever you like :+1:


Nicely done, glad to see this going out on social for soundcore. Congrats dan

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I see from the comments on this that the mic issue isn’t focused on. Look forward to seeing the followup that will go over that part.

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