The SPACE Q45 Headphone reviews

My review on the SPACE Q45 headphones after spending some time with them.

Firstly, the comfort. Compared to a lot of headphones out there at a higher price point, these offer better comfort. I can wear these for a countless period of time and not be phased. They are not tight and just grip at the right temperament.

The build quality is good but I wish I could fold the cans both ways as when I put them way, I’m trying to work out how they go into the case. A slightly bigger case would stop me trying to squeeze them in too. The general materials used are good but don’t throw them around. Not to worry though, I won’t be doing that.

The ANC is great here but there’s another level to be had. If I put the TV up moderately loud, it will filter some of that sound, not all of it. Saying that though, this would be impossible ANC. It’s surprising how much ANC there is once you’ve taken off the Cans as you’ll notice it does block a lot.

I’ve found another good use for the Q45, I can listen to the music while practicing my instrument. In my case, the drums, by using Transparency. So I can get a good balance listening to the music on the headphones while practicing the drums. Another cool use of transparency. PERFECT!

Sound quality requires the crafting of careful EQing. My favourite preset is R&B as it’s the most vibrant for most music. Through tuning, I’ve managed to get to the sweet spot that I’m happy with. The headphones are loud enough, there’s also a sound safety feature which is great to protect your hearing.

In terms of how good the quality is, I had to listen to a few pairs of headphones. These to me sound better than the top JBLs. The Sonys to me are a little synthetic in sound but still take the lead with the ANC.

Using these for gaming, simply use the sound cable to eliminate the lag.

I actually prefer the sound quality when Bluetooth is activated rather than the cable. LDAC is very sweet!

On calls, these work like a dream. Really smooth, in fact they are so good, I ensure I’m using them rather than use the phone. No problems with this at all. I think the comfort of the fitting ensures this, Liberty 3 pro make note.

The controls are very intuitive. There’s no touch controls here. This is a good thing for me as after finding the buttons, everything falls into place. No awkward touch buttons.

These are great, the sound quality is served up in the EQ. You can EQ from the phone but you’ll only get confused so I recommend sticking to the application.

[Additional] Critical points.

I would have liked the seal to be tighter so that music doesn’t bleed unto others. It’s fine until you start reaching for higher volumes, then the sound will carry through the cushions.

These are for the under €200 level. The quality does leak into the €300 and under. More expensive headphones sound better. Don’t expect the miracle flagship killer. It’s not there yet. But, you do get a quality sound that will make your music sound great, in fact far better than normal.

I do like to have the best listening experience and the Q45 isn’t a slouch. But if you want to have that golden listening experience, you’ll need to dig a bit deeper into the pockets or look around. I’m not disappointed though.

Please add your feedback here too, I want to learn how others are getting on.


The weakness is in the bass. It rumbles far too much with no distinction. The louder you go, the more it washes out and drizzles the quality quite badly. You won’t get that warm chill out satisfaction from the big boys with these.


A follow up to my review.

Today I practiced with the band and being the drummer I’m always looking for ear protection solutions. So I’ve tested these with the idea of using Transparency. Transparency for listening to the other players while enough protection in the cups to block out the top end of the drums, thereby protecting my hearing. It proved to be perfect, in fact the other musicians were impressed when I showed them what the headphones do. The bottom line is that these work perfectly in a live music environment giving protection to your ears. I will be using these all the time for this.

So essentially there are different applications that are being discovered using these headphones.

As I mentioned in my review I can play along to the music as well as play my instrument. Now I can actually use them during band practice. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for sharing your review. I’m glad you like them! :+1:

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Do you own the q30 or 35 ? I am seriously wondering about the weight difference?

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Hi Cazzy,

No I don’t. I don’t have any weight problem at all, they are not heavy and I would say they are balanced also.

These are worth the cash though… Good start off headphones.

I need the next level, so if anyone has indulged on the the step up from these, please elaborate! :+1:

You’re sending mixed messages

You say bass is bad and sweaty causing ear pain, then say good. Which?

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Don’t get me wrong these under perform, the bass is aweful.

On the other hand, they’re a mid ranger. I won’t be doing mid rangers again, I need that other worldly experience when going into the world of music.

I’m not a bass head… But I’m sure soundcore can make the right corrections being the underdogs to the quality that already exists out there.

By the way, I’ve still got bad ears and been on antibiotics for over a week.

Good response post, but for value listening they’re ok… Not the worst.

Just updated the app.

Unless my mind is playing tricks, the sound is a lot better as of 3rd December. :flushed:

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An app update shouldn’t improve sound quality. A firmware update should.


My mind’s playing tricks then :rofl:

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Just back after the firmware update. These are sounding a lot sweeter. Good job soundcore engineer. You guys are listening :love_you_gesture: