The technology man - Q30 review - corded anc how to

Good day Core,

I happened upon a quite detailed Q30 review from The Technology Man based in the UK. He did quite a different approach to his review, and highlighted some things others have not.

Especially of note, how to use the ANC function with the aux cord plugged in.

Also nice to see comparison to others within the same price range.

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Nice share. I haven’t had anc work over an aux connection with the Q20s. I don’t think that the feature he mentioned works on those, I have tried doing it that way.

He also doesn’t mention whether the mic works over the aux cable - so I assume the answer is no, just as with the Q10s and 20s.

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I’ll be testing the Q10s tomorrow corded with aux cable, and see if mic works.

At the behest of another member, I snagged a 4 pole aux cable to give a try… we shall see…:thinking:

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nice video thanks for sharing

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I believe I tried it, but I can’t find the cable now. I would love to hear the results.

Tried the aux cable last night, no luck… getting IT help hopefully today as phone earbuds seemingly work fine… shrug I’d have no patience to be in IT… lol