There were five last month, now three are left

Seems this will end in a one man show at last

But we are still here

Aren’t we cute!:rofl:


Yea sad to see this place dying like it is.

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Those who are willing to take part in some
activities in the near future should move to TickTack.
soundcore is much more active there.

Here we have meanwhile really a place like this :sweat_smile:

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Not much of a person to get on TikTok.

I dont know, I am “old styled”. :smile:
Never took/take part in those places.
Maybe the young ones like.
If so its OK.

I will not talk about data security here.
Its definitely not the place. :roll_eyes:

Is there a wrong place to talk about data security? No TikTok for me - there is occasional interesting content on there, but I can either see it in a web browser or not at all.


OK, of course we can talk about data security.
Those who know about do really care about as far as possible.

Those who totally don’t care about will never care about even if they know about.:laughing:

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Plenty of lurkers

Wait til the holes in Whatsapp get public.

Will not matter at all.
Those who “need” those unsocial media will never care about.

So you are saying we all have a fan club (the lurkers) :rofl: :wink:

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And then there were three. :rofl: