There's a bug on the amazon listing for Liberty 2 Pro Headphones

The regular price is flipped with the deal price. Can you guys fix it so I can make a purchase? The deal looks like it’s supposed to be $109 and $149 regular but it’s flipped.

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@Loz @Will @Beauty might be able to fix it (or forward it to the right team to fix it).

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Not sure why it is showing that as mine is showing up as the sale price

You may want to try to clear your cache on your browser or try logging in via ingonito/private mode and see if it pops up okay.

The price is currently $109.99, it was $149 at time you checked due the offer activated after 10am PST.

As per Core Update post

this is a cool Non-Deal Cyber Monday deal :upside_down_face:

It actually deducts more from customer than a discount :rofl::rofl:


That’s a great deal. Don’t need them at the moment.