These are the 3 best of the best in each Category

If you want the loudest best sounding earbuds … liberty 2 pro… if you want the best sound over ears that get super loud and have better anc than many others get the Q30 and if ya want a smaller speaker that sounds absolutely insanely awesome and is very loud… get the motion plus!!! People I just bought and brought back jbl extreme 2… this motion plus sounds better in every way… I just bought and took back jabra elite active 75t … the liberty 2 pro sounds better in every way and the 75t anc update is underwhelming even at the on sale price of 149.99… the q30 im blown away by… have had sennheiser momentum m2 beats studio 3 and lastly akg n700nc m2… these q30 blow those away… . The best thing besides the build of these products is the soundcore app… it makes these products even better… Soundcore my hat is off to you guys and girls… I’m ft mailman in mn walk outside about 10miles a day the liberty 2 pro have been bulletproof since last dec… when your black friday sale starts im buyin a pair of L2P for my dad and 2 more motion plus 1 for him and then I will have 2 for stereo sound!!! The liberty 2 pro aint a fluke… the q30 and now motion plus reinforce what i already knew and now i know lol… 100 percent… … I won’t ever buy another audio brand for myself or my family… all I own now besides my old-school home stereo is soundcore and I own that cuz they r the best in each category


I prefer the flare 2 over the motion plus. Even though the motion plus is better, the flare’s lights are really cool.

Glad to know you liked these top 3 performers @Pantera43 :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing your opinion.

I can see how you’d say that but to me the number 1 reason I buy an audio product is for sound!!! Fit is important too with earbuds especially but I’ve tried so many of all these and I truely believe these r the 3 best!!!

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I wonder if the life dots NCs are going to surpass the l2p with anc

I don’t have any of those products yet, but glad to hear you are enjoying them all!

Sadly I don’t have any of these but I am so happy to hear you are enjoying them.

Your message of how ya don’t have any of these products but that your happy to hear im enjoying em… that hits home to me … means a lot to me and swear on the man upstairs if I was loaded… financially… id straight up send ya one of each!!! Got my l2pro on sale last year for 109.99 seen em cheaper one time on valentines day for 99.99 and also got in on preorder for q30 for 59.99 did pay full price for motion plus but have also seen that goes for as low as 69.99 and know soundcore does some drawings and giveaways and they have these all goin on sale on November 23rd and nov 30th so hopefully ya get in on the prizes or can order when they’re on sale but thanks for kind words and I really can’t recommend these products enough!!!

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I agree on your opinion of the Motion+. It literally sounds perfect when EQ’d properly using the app. I like to describe it’s sound as “magical”, because it really does sound that good! :rofl:

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I’d agree on the L2P. The flare 2 is pretty good too.

I checked out the flare 2 in walmart and when comparing to the ue boom 2 id take the flare 2 every single time!!! Ome speaker im really starting to wonder about is the rave!!! The full size one and wonder if that is compatible with soundcore app too like the motion plus??? If so maybe I skip the 2md motion plus and grab 1 of those!!!