This black friday ad is confusing? Save big now and sign up to win prizes?

Hello everyone say I’m seein soundcores black friday add and on top of page it says save big now and register to win prizes… thing is there are dates above the products and any one of em if I add to cart they are full price so do the sales then odviously not start till the dates. Above the products like nov 23rd for the pro 2 and others or the 30th thru 7th for like the motion plus etc?? Reason I’m asking is cuz id order 3 of the motion plus right now but will wait for s a le but if im missing something please fill me in??? Take care everyone!!

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From what I read if I’m not mistaken if you make a purchase before the deadline date you will be entered to possibly win a prize I guess. Not sure about the discounts or anything cause I wasn’t seeing them either …

Thanks Ashley I guess where I’m confused is in the email ad from them and on Facebook it says great deals start now… not sure how to share that or take screen shot and share but thats the part that kinda has me confused

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When you went on the page to shop did you enter your email and sign up? Maybe you get the offers through that…I’m not really 100% sure… I know you have to sign up before you buy to win prizes I believe. I signed up but haven’t seen anything in my email inbox yet on any special offers to purchase but check spam mail too sometimes my email notifications go to the spam box for some reason when their not. If you can’t figure it out maybe @sean.L can help you :blush:

See this is what I’m talkin about

Hey all,

To qualify you have to sign up for the newsletter before the 22nd.

It will be full prices until til the sales… On the 23rd or other dates this will go on sale and if you have signed up you have a chance to win swag with your order.

They just posted it early


Thanks for the info :blush: I wasn’t fully understanding it either

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I think this is right. It looks like most of the prizes are swag, so not huge. But a nice potential extra.

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Ya I’m thinking most of it if not all is swag cause that’s really all that was pictured but still a nice win if you’re going to be buying something regardless