This I would call an equalizer :-)

I don’t know if such a mighty tool exists for WIN.

For LINUX you should use that system wide audio tool.:smile:
There are many things one could play around with.
I haven’t checked out all adjustments.
I have to play around with all these much more.

First I would like to point out a 30 frequency Eq.
Thats really more a normal user would need.

Here is a snapshot from the basses.

You should take a look at PulseEffects

If there is anybody who knows more about this tool and has some experience how to use it,
let us know.

I was installing some time ago a simple system wide eq, but this didn’t work properly
and “damaged” some audio adjustings.
So I was always a little sceptic to use such programs.

Now I found that very professional one. Nice GUI so far.
(But I like command lines also) :smiley:
Absolutely great.


Looks very comprehensive. I doubt that I would ever be able to fully understand all the available settings though.


Thanks for sharing, but I use Windows. I’ll look into a bit later. Not 100% sure what PulseEffects are, but I generally don’t use the effects.


What I mean is I don’t usually use DSP Effects.

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Seems there are no LINUX-users here. :roll_eyes:
I played around a little more.
The best sound I ever got from my Zero.
And the Zero was perfect before this adjustings.

One could really forget all the apps and eqs which are around
I was trying a lot of those in the past

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I don’t know if such a great tool is available under Win.
I have done a lot of research in mp3-players and their eqs.
But this one is absolutely the best.
Of course you can do a lot with the VLC EQ I usually recommend a lot.
But this PulseEffects is much better.

Too bad it seems there is nobody around using LINUX.
But that’s our fate here, we are only a few here being active, the majority is showing up only when there is something gifted for free.
Or is there more activity on social media?
I am not taking part.


Once I retire my old MacBook Pro, I will probably install Linux on it instead of macOS.
That way I will be able to see some of the benefits you speak about @Chiquinho.


Such old macbooks got Intel processors so its easy to install LINUX there.
The issue with such macOS is, one can not install the newest version on old devices.
And thats is really bad.
This is the reason I never would use any Apple device with macOS.

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Very fancy, and a lot of bands… most I’ve had on an eq was 9… so not near as hi-fi :pensive:

One could adjust much more than that equalizer.
The program could be started automatically.
And of course special presettings for different devices can be stored.

I am on vacations now and using my tablet.
Does anyone know such a tool for android?

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