This is why you NEED these Headphones

Could Soundcore Life Q30 be the best ANC headphones for under $80? CNN, Forbes and CNET all placed its predecessor - Life Q20 - in their top picks for the best noise-cancelling headphones of 2020, so almost definitely yes! Note: my opinion i̶s̶ could be biased :grimacing:

But if you haven’t pre-ordered them already, then here’s a recap of what you’re getting with Life Q30:
:boom: Upgraded Noise Cancellation
:boom: Hi-Res Certified Audio with Remarkable Clarity and Detail
:boom: Enhanced Call Quality via 2 Microphones
:boom: Extended 40-Hour Playtime
:boom: 5-Minute Charge = 4-Hour Playtime
:boom: Lighter Build and More Comfortable Fit
:boom: Customizable EQ with Soundcore App
:boom: Transparency Mode

Reviews are already coming in on YouTube, so let’s see what’s being said so far and whether Life Q30 is worth your hard-earned :dollar:

GameSky :point_down:
“Wanna say this right off the bat, I’m very impressed with the noise cancelling that these have”

Just Doin’ Life TV :point_down:
“These are in my top 5 for budget headphones […] but there is nothing budget about these headphones”
“These are by far the best Soundcore headphones out there”

Tech Odyssey :point_down:
“Being able to get these features and for them to work so well and in this package … is unprecedented”

Pre-order here.

Check out more YouTube reviews below …
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Hope to see an el jefe review as well.


They look great :+1:

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So many reviews to watch! :clap:

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I’m sorry but I don’t like the design that much, but I’m sure they absolutely amazing if i where to design it would definitely look allot similar to the life q 20s

I have to say I am impressed by all the bells and whistles on them. I like the added touch of the sound to relax with on them.

I will say that I will have to put off on trying to get them for a bit.

My wife had delayed our vacation until next month due to covid measures and I just got through with two kids birthdays, my wife’s birthday and my anniversary within 45 days of each other. :rofl: So my money has been gone or will be gone in the near future. :rofl:


Has anyone gotten their pre-order pass? I keep checking my email and I don’t see it?

I may be wrong but I thought somebody stated they got their but do not remember what thread it was on.

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Check this thread. People seem to have gotten theirs


I would make sure it did not go to your junk mail.


They look so good can’t wait to see it’s to come

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These pack a good amount of features I’m impressed! Hope Flossy gets around to reviewing them.


They sound like a great option; need is a bit strong, but getting on towards want.

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No worries! All entitled to our opinion. Main thing is the sound, right? These have phenomenal sound :smile:

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Completely understandable. Safety first! :sweat_smile:

Feel free to reach out to if you think we’ve overlooked something!! We’ll sort it asap.

Yes sir all in all sound will come on top

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Very solid looking set of headphones, and some way cool reviews. Sadly, gutted that .ca didn’t get in on the presale, but will be keeping an eye out for deals and see if I give in to temptation…


Too bad I am not in those “ear things”. :grinning:

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