This is why you NEED these Headphones

From the reviews so far, yes there are many positives.

The two weaknesses so far are

  • microphones are worse than Q20
  • could be louder.

Are the product manager aware of these feedback, is it a software change so there going to be a fix or is it an inherent electronic limit and buyers need to factor?

They look really great, I can tell you guys really put some time and effort into these headphones.

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I’m not terribly impressed with the Q20 mic, so if this is worse I would probably just avoid that feature entirely.

Top volume probably won’t be my issue on noise cancelling headphones if they are actually any good at the noise cancelling, but that is harder to tell.

I got your next new design. They should be an Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture version but in a headphone form.

All the reviews I have seen have been really positive. You guys really did a good job with these headphones.

Monster mash

Found my code (it had somehow found its way into the SPAM inbox (ugh)) just ordered my set. Excited, though it may take a couple of weeks to get here, but I’m hoping it’ll be a good set of headphones to used as opposed to some of my larger headphones! Let’s Go!!!

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