This may sound weird but

I have a suggestion.

I suggest that Soundcore releases fewer products.

The reasons are:

  • with fewer products there are more customers per product so peer support here and official support have less products to learn and become familiar with so support will improve.
  • less bugs as products released less frequently will be found early and more time of bug-free products.
  • simpler to make purchase decisions.
  • less chance to make bad decisions.

There has been 29 new/updated products (excluding the in-store versions) in the last year, so less than 2 weeks on average, so every 2 weeks there’s new bugs and questions none know the answers to.

I have a related suggestion - make the cases more interoperable so a case from one bud can be used for another bud.


  • support can sell cases to cover lost/broken cases as there’s fewer case designs.

I’m not suggesting slowing innovation, only having bigger jumps in performance between less frequently released products.

Hopefully this is a well received suggestion and I’m not

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I can see some part of it but I think there is also some bad release dates on big ticket items.

It seemed like the Liberty 3 Pros and the Frames were pretty close together and both seemed like big ticketed items. So I think it takes the thunder from each other. I know they had that with another one here recently but can not remember which two items it was.

I do understand Covid may be affecting those time frame release dates. Do agree that more items do not always mean a good thing.

I’m not against the L3P’s existence, nor the Frames existence, nor them being released a few weeks apart. They serve different markets and complement each other. I can see someone owning both and using both and swapping between based on their needs for best sound quality vs best ambient hearing.

But for example why do the L2P+? Why do all of the P2 Mini and P3 and the many others we’ve stumbled upon with names I can’t remember? I know all their product codes but can’t fathom their names.

Soundcore know their customers and their business so not challenging apart from that we as consumers are just being attacked by complexity and in places like here it is making it harder for us to help fellow fans.

The “you don’t own how can you help” is irksome, we each own probably a few Soundcore each but not enough of us around to be able to give a knowledgeable reply in too many threads.

I’d like fewer products, space more apart to cause more differentiated products.

Look at Reddit recently? There is the future products and it’s a consistent “enough already, I’m confused by Soundcore don’t know what a product is, which to buy, off to buy a competitor” (basically).

I agree. There are just to many releases for me to stay current on everything or even have the chance to get my hands on some of the products so I can understand and help out on community support questions.

I get where they are coming from. More options could mean more profits and innovation recognition. But to many releases at one time for similar products can cause confusion.

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I also see that.


Don’t agree, their innovation is in products like Frames and the combination of features in the L3P. But the Life Note 3S for example, what product is too similar? Why need that and P2 Mini and P3 and… and…

I won’t link to the Reddit discussions as they mention future products so am paraphrasing the sentiments as that’s my main thrust of this thread.

Suggestion - More differentiation across fewer products.

So for future products, take one example of the Frames.

I’d prefer if they did another product in say 6 months which takes any advantage of 6 months technology improvements, with all the suggestions and feedback, to make a “Frames II”.

What I’d not like to see is a Frames S, Frames+, Frames II, Frames II+, Frames IIS, and all released around the same time. I’d not like to see these all with different charging cables, different cases, different connectors (sides to front).

There is a better way we, supplier and consumer, can move forward win-win.

This was discussed so often.
Many products, confusing names and types.
Some products got an upgrade, but this is not clear for costumers,
because the older model is still sold.

That’s it.