Thought on the current experience point system

What does everyone think about the current point system? If you are a member, how do you think it compares to the Anker community system? Is it much too early to tell because of the September giveaway?

Personally I miss the experience points for receiving likes and replies on threads. PLEASE DO NOT READ: I want more experience points. I feel the current system is causing bloat because we are all trying to create separate threads but there is nothing to encourage quality thread creation.

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False. Best thread of the week gets extra points and notes.

I think the system is great, but could be better.

I think that it’s best to let people gain points for quality only, rather then for making posts and threads etc.

For instance- answering questions, best threads, comments with a certain amount of points (for instance, 3 likes equals 5 points, 5 likes equals 10 points etc.).

Soundcore can find more ways to reward quality over quantity. It discourages people from making the “daily rounds” and actually produce quality content for the community.

Just my 2 cents worth

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I agree with @TechMan , but I also think it might be too early to tell. And like most things, it will never make everyone happy!! Ha ha!!


To repeat what others have said it might be a little too early, but at the same time, I think it is a good system and is going pretty smooth. Those of us who participate more will get rewarded accordingly. I am interested to see how the September giveaway turns out though!

If you look at points per level from one forum to the other, maybe a happy medium could be reached. One is really high, the other seems really low.

Maybe too early to tell. Probably after October.

Agree. A lot of extra stuff going on now because of the competition.

A little early for me but what do I know. Lol

I second points for likes.

I have noticed that posts/threads have little to no likes on them. I know that people do use them, it is just not as prevalent due to no points being awarded

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That’s what I thought as well, as the current system limits the amount of spam posts/likes/replies someone can do just for the points.

I’ve noticed that not all replies, topic creations, gallery new posts get points. Most point systems that I work with you get points every time I reply to a topic or someone replies to my topic .

It would be nice, that all good replies to topics and creations get points.

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Some interesting feedback! Has any of this stuff been put to a vote? I’ve seen a few polls dotted around but have lost track now (hectic at the moment with the event coming up!).

there are no polls for this, i thought of putting this, but forgot about it