Thoughts on backpacks with built in speakers

A buddy of mine picked up a Jambag from a company called Que. First time I have seen one personally and although it was a great function for it, I don’t feel as though I would ever utilize it enough. What are your thoughts on backpacks with built in speakers?

I don’t think I would ever use one tbh. It seems a bit weird…

I use to have one and used it all the time when I rode my bike. I swapped out the crappy speakers for some Alpine speakers and I also added a portable 100w amp to help power them up. It was a pretty badass setup, I used it for almost 2 years before I crashed and broke everything.

That was my thoughts. He uses it for hiking, but I can just see it being a nuisance on a subway or somewhere else public.

I would have the portable.speaker with me in bag which I could use aside on ground or picnic table or pool… Flexible to use anywhere. Built in speaker into bag would additional weight to bag :frowning:

When you carry the rucksack you have to carry the built in speaker always,
even if you dont use.

Using the speaker at home . The rucksack at the table. :joy:

For me that makes no sense.

Recently had a offer via email to test a speaker backpack, just one read of the marketing and the delete button followed…many products work as hybrids but I prefer a backpack to be functional as just a backpack :raised_hands: I always have room for my Icon Mini or Flare if I need some tunes :wink:

Exactly, :grinning: rucksack is rucksack and speaker is speaker.
All these weird marriages, I don’t like.

“All in one” : If one is broken, the rest is garbage. :cry:

In case of the built-in speaker backpack, if Speaker goes bad, the bag doubles down as.trash bag :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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A very expensive trash bag!

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Wouldn’t it be easier to use one of Soundcord’s Speakers and use the lanyard or it built it in bracket to tie it off one of the straps to the backpack? I do that and it takes about 30 seconds to attached. I also prefer not to have my music blasting while hiking. It tends to scare away the wildlife.

As to bike riding, there are mounts you can attach a speaker to it.

So I don’t see a real reason for the bag unless you just want to annoy and upset the people around you.

Thats my thoughts too. I see the desire for it in a minimal scale, I figured it would be 100x easier to just strap a portable on and go out with it all.

These type of backpacks are good for skaters and bike riders, they tend to be the ones who use these more than others.

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I don’t use any bags, unless it’s for shopping :wink:

Likewise, outside of a diaper and laptop bag lol

Annoyance central; hate them. I see the purpose, but integration into a pack isn’t necessary with so many portable speakers to choose from and easily clip on or tuck in a pack. Better yet, rock headphones when around others (in public - not just your crew) instead of subjecting everyone to your jams. There’s a reason public transit has sings posting against external music sound devices…

Pretty rude and self-centered, just like people who walk around with their phones on speaker or carrying around a portable speaker with them.

The only real use I could see is if you are going to some party like event where you would be playing music, but at that point just throw some better speakers in your bag and use them when you get there.

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Biggest pet peeve riding the subway/any transit when I travel out of state/country for work. I just want to sit back and relax and it destroys that for me in a heartbeat.

Not interested.

I think it depends on the circumstance, but I mainly agree. Just walking around a city/town with it running is rude, but if your hiking or something by yourself it’s fine.