Thoughts on Censored Music

Hey, all saw this article thought it was interesting. It talks about how less music is censored lately and if music should be censored. Some argue the music loses value when censored and others think things should be censored. Not trying to be controversial at all or start things but just curious on thoughts. personally, I don’t mind censored music at all. growing up there were some songs that I didn’t even know I was hearing the censored version of.

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Nice article

Censorship does not work.

Censorship just moves it from where you can see it and openly highlight the harm it does into places you are not “in” to see it and so it goes then uncriticised.

Censorship is a traditionally successful way to make young people feel it must be good if its been banned and so it becomes cool.

Censors are really showing their own ego, to flex their own muscles, but it doesn’t actually do good, and usually does bad.

Better is to educate and criticize so it becomes un-cool.

Example from history:


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One thing censorship does do, is create a buzz for the artist, as its seen as something that is taboo and a oh must check out whats so bad…

personally, i think it comes down to allowing for personal choice of what one listens to, if not a fan, nobody is forcing you to listen, of course deferring to the parental units :wink:

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Agree, censorship just gets you talked about and is the ultimate promotion, particularly among the young.