Thoughts on people playing music in office enviroments

As I sit here and listen the wonderful stylings of 3 people with different music tastes in my cube… I wonder if anyone else thinks its annoying?

Currently listening to: Cry Me a River remix featuring violins and some what I believe is country music. :upside_down_face:

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I listen to classical, but at a low volume. Most others in the office opt for earphones.

I couldn’t handle that kind of mashup myself. In my office we all use headphones as many people are either on webex’s or meetings and what not, so I couldn’t see it being a thing ever. But having that many different things all going at once seems like it would defeat the purpose.

Its annoying for sure. I picked up a nice pair of noise canceling headphones that help a lot. I just don’t like wearing them all the time.

I switch between my Neo’s and my QC35 ii’s all day long depending on what I am doing. Sometimes I just want to have the total coverage from the QC35’s as well as it makes sure people can see I am listening to something so they don’t just start talking to me all of a sudden. Like right now, I have to stage some things for some patching this weekend for a customer so I have mine on right now so no one bothers me at all because it is about an hour and a half of doing so and getting bothered just makes it last even longer.

Walk ups are my favorite. I love my Sennheiser HD1 wireless headphones, but people still bother me even with my headphones on :frowning:

At the university I had an office of my own.
But even when the door was open the colleagues didnt mind listening to classical music played at low volume.

I would think it depends on your office size and your relationship with colleagues, though I’m pretty easy going when it comes to music (if it has a beat :wink: its all good) …only two in my office (myself included) so it’s kept neutral by just playing the radio…should I want my own mix playing I use earphones unless I’m on my own in the holidays…

It depends on the music and people. When I worked in an office I would bump heads with a coworker because he blasted his music…sure it was my type of music but not at the volume or time he was playing it.

Now I work overnights and everyone pretty much listens to the same or wears headphones. So if it’s too loud, you can generally block it out with headphones or just go to a different area of the store to work

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For me it comes down to a few factors, but the key one is work culture/environment. On a Friday afternoon or during the day I don’t mind a bit of music, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about it blasting all the time, especially in a tech company everything is so fast paced, so you don’t want to be distracted (especially by music you don’t like :wink: )

I like to.liaten to my music at a good volume (reads…plays it loud), but not at the expense of others… Unless my mind is aching, and then I don’t give a shit! lol

Thankfully, everyone at my company uses headphones!

With the open space seating, I use music all the time when users around me are in meetings…

helps focus on items they need attention… though the negatives are it make you look anti-social and brushes away people trying to talk or approach you

Noise Cancelling headphones are a life saver in these cases.

I thought that wasn’t allowed in most places…

If I did work in an office, I’m sure I would hate it.

I find music very helpful when working with numbers, particularly Bach. And when it’s midnight and I’m exhausted working on a deadline, I’ll go for Gettysburg soundtrack.

I am sure you like Glen Gould!

My favorite Bach is actually Brandenburg and the cello suites.

Im not such a big fan of Bach I must confess.
Some works I like other not so much.
“Brandenburgische Konzerte” are played and to be listened too often.
But of course he is one of the greatest composers.
Without him the development of classical music would have been another.

Make a “voyage of discovery” to detect other composers.
I started this a few years ago.

May be you could use NAXOS platform.

You may send me a pm, we can talk more,
as we are here a tiny minority regarding classical music. :wink:

Enjoy the sunday!

I’m actually with you. I’ve never been a fan of Bach, and never really understood why people like his music…