Three out of four ain't bad

Hi there Soundcore Community,

during the last 5 Month I went from interested in true wireless in ears to a huge fan of soundcore products. I now own a set of Liberty Air 2 buds, a Q30 over ear and a Motion plus speaker, and I love all of them.

I bought one aditional product, that I liked as much but have not been happy with for more than 3 weeks. It was the strike 3 Gaming Headset, that I bought for online meetings during home office in germany. I found the Strike a little bit heavy but still very comfortable. But after only 3 weeks the (I don’t know the english word) band you put over your head broke in two peaces while placing the headset on my head.

Amazon offered me a to send the device back anf gave me the money back.

Anyone else issues with this headphones?

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I am not a native speaker. :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards


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There are a couple of threads out there about it.

Me and @jercox have both had that issue with the Strike 1 which is the sister product in this line and it broke on us as well.

Although they are pretty good other than the breakage, I would try one of their other products that will work just as well.

Unsure if this is a widespread issue or maybe from a certain batch of products…

I actually had the issue with the Strike 3. Soundcore replaced it, but it cracked at the band.

I have a Strike 1 that hasn’t cracked yet, but I have only had it a few weeks. And the replacement Strike 3 hasn’t seen much use yet either, so not sure how long any of these will last.

I think the plastic design is defective. The pressure should be held by metal to be less susceptible to fatigue.

Thats crazy, my son has the strike 3 and he throws that around like you wouldn’t believe and it still hasn’t broke.

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I wore mine that I won from the giveaway and they broke about 2 months in. I wore them about every day…I now have duct tape around the broken band

:rofl: I’m sorry they broke in ya. My son uses his with the PS4 everyday too, im just glad he hasn’t broken them as they were sent to me from @TechMan from when he won the giveaway as well.


Yeah, I thought about giving to my youngest but he did not seem interested at the time. So I took them and use them as my pc headphones and part work ones. Since your son is younger his head is probably smaller most likely not stretching them. I figure where I probably kept them at the same point it just weakened them

Bwahahaha my son is 14 and he has a big dome just like I do :joy: he has to fully extend them to wear them so I dunno. Eitherway if it ain’t broke don’t keep pushing his luck, he has my Q20 he can use as well so if they do break he can always use those

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Interesting to see the common issue of the strike line breaking I wonder if this is why I can’t find them on the Soundcore site anymore

Yeah that was a supprise for me to, they are only available on amazon.

My Strike 3s broke, and I haven’t had success repairing them. Soundcore did send a replacement though. My Q20s seem more durable, with a metal band to take the strain, but the sound quality is not as high for conference calls (stupid bluetooth headset vs headphone profiles). And hardwired on the Q20s doesn’t pass over the mic.

@Roperi and @ktkundy - they have hidden them, but if you go here:
You can see them at the bottom of the list. They are shown as sold out, just like a lot of other items on the list though. And the Strike 1s are missing completely.

They have also taken their infini soundbar off the list - now the pro is the only one shown. I don’t know if missing means abandoned, or just skipped.

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