Throwback pictures

Since this month we celebrate Halloween, and who doesnt want to be a kid again? But I figured we can all share a picture, a throwback picture of sorts from when we were younger. I myself have many different looks, which often make people do a double take and question if it’s really me. So post up and let’s see what everyone looks like

Here is 1 of my many throwback photos


Oh ja!!!



Here’s a picture of me and some friends dressing up for Halloween. We were the cast from Big Bang Theory, and yours truly was Sheldon Cooper. That was many years (and pounds) ago!!

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Never seen the show- so which one are you?

They one with Pac-Man on his shirt (second guy in case you’ve never heard of Pac-Man! :wink:)

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How have you not seen Big Bang Theory? :man_facepalming: :smile:

Here’s a picture from the show:

Youngest of 4, I think they were just trying to get rid of me…


I thought for sure more people would have contributed to this thread :man_shrugging:

Most of us must be too shy or embarrassed :wink:

I honestly don’t really have any photos of when I was a kid. My parents probably do, so I could get the photos from them- but I haven’t yet.

From about 18 years ago

Myself (on the left) with my old high school bro and past fellow band member at the NAMM show, Anaheim Convention Center (CA)

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You have been never a kid!
You have always been the tech MAN! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Love NAMM!! Went there a few years back and would love to go again someday!!

Was looking through some old pics with the kids and came across this which I thought was quite appropriate for the month A scanned in pic pre digital so I’m guessing somewhere in the 80’s of me as a witch at Halloween!!

Uploading: Fiona_120.jpg…

@star100 your pic didnt fully upload, maybe edit and try again?

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Oops! Here I am! Not a very scary witch -lol!


Once a witch, always a witch! :smile:
(Just kidding as usual!)


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It’s ok, you can be our genie

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