Ticking Sound in Q35 when ANC is on

Hi. My new Life Q 35’s are making a ticking sound, like a distant helicopter, in my right ear when ANC is on. It goes away when I switch to transparent mode. Is this normal? My wife bought the same headphones and hers dont make the noise.
Thank you

You should try a reset first.
If the issue still remains, contact the support.
Don’t forget to add all data of purchase, model number and other numbers you find on the package.
If the buds are really defective I am sure you will get a replacement (warranty)

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Reset is always the first thing to do. Agree with contacting support if it is the same.

Depending on when you contact service department and providing the info, it will be probably early next week.

Mine don’t do that. Since your wife also has a pair that doesn’t do that, it’s safe to assume they aren’t supposed to do that.

You should pair your Wife’s with your phone (or whatever device you are using) to make sure it’s not your device.