Time for some self-cleaning Headsets from Soundcore!

Have recently seen a website mentioning of headset brand coming out with new Self Cleaning headset

When will Soundcore launch headsets capable of cleaning themselves?

What are your thoughts on self cleaning headsets…

These just have a uv light inside the case, hardly self cleaning by any means other than just sterilizing them. Now had these had the ability to clean the ear port and ear tips as welp as sanitize them then that would be great and a miracle wonder in itself and also a feature many would probably much prefer


This may be the feature Soundcore could develop and introduce to the world, this is one issue ok see with all earphones

Removable covers would be nice. Then you could remove to clean or replace as needed.

I really don’t think it’s possible to automate the cleaning out of earwax from earbuds :wink:

We never know what is hidden in realms of future… there may be something which, may solve it.

May be the buds clean your ears by spraying something in your ears.:rofl:
Or better the user takes those:


Even with the daily ear cleaning, the ear wax deposits on the earphones…

May be a design like THIS :rofl:


“Self-cleaning” anything is probably nowhere near as thorough as simply doing it yourself. In my opinion, the best “self” is your own physical self. Besides, how long does it actually take to wipe them off with some alcohol…a minute or two?


[quote=“SZak2015, post:9, topic:23475, full:true”]. Besides, how long does it actually take to wipe them off with some alcohol…a minute or two?

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We have a God given cleaning tool…


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Agreed. Sterilizing via a UV light may in fact “sterilize” them but that’s not going to clean off the the built-up ear wax (amongst other untold grime) that’s not going to go away with a light shining on it (UV or otherwise).

This feature may in fact shoot itself in the foot causing users to think that they don’t need to clean the earbuds at all…

With this kind of thinking, we may be all headed for something like THIS sooner than expected. :roll_eyes:

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Agree, I care about ear wax removal much more than sterilization. Rubbing alcohol is cheap…

Doubt a true self cleaning headset will surface anytime soon and if it did could you imagine the case size? Just look at electric razor cleaning bases…


I’m fine with 1-2 minutes of downtime with an alcohol and cue tip cleaning session to be good to go again :wink:

This is reminding me that I need to clean my liberty air hehe. And I need to switch out the ear tips. Because I let someone else use them who have bigger ears lol. That was like 4 months ago and I never switched them back.

I guess I don’t clean my head phones enough to see how this is would be a game changer.