Tips and Tricks for Liberty 2 Pro

Hey guys,

Liberty 2 Pro are finally finding their way into ears around the world. And while they’re already super easy to use, we thought we’d use today’s post to give you the lowdown on how to get listening ASAP.

We’ve put together a few short videos that outline some of Liberty 2 Pro’s key features and give easy instructions on how to use them.

  1. Pair Up!
  1. Tips for Tips
  1. Turning it Up, Turning it On
  1. This Time, It’s Personalized
  1. All Charge, No Wires
  1. Pair Up Again!
  1. Reset Re-Listen

By the time you’ve finished watching these videos, you’ll be a Liberty 2 Pro pro.

Are there any other features you’d like to look at in more detail? Or perhaps you have some other questions about Liberty 2 Pro’s functionality? Let us know below and we’ll be ready to jump in and help out!


Awesome! Thanks for all the tips and videos! I’ll definitely need this once mine come :grin:

Is this what you wanted @Shenoy?

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Good videos & tips to get new buyers underway…thanks @Will!

This is good!! I’ll be sure to share this on social because I know some folks that have, or are getting, the Pro 2s!!

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Thank you @Will for putting together the video for tips and tricks :+1: thanks for the fast turnaround on the request.

yes, @TechMan this was it!

Thanks @Will for putting all the Liberty 2 Pro tips and videos all in one place :+1::grinning:

Awesome! Will definitely revisit when my pair arrives.

Can’t wait to get both of my pairs in so I can try them out

Some of this is basic, some not so much, good to have in one place.

I noticed there is no way to turn volume up/down.
Is there a way this can be done?

Yes. You can set custom controls through the app, that allow you to change the volume through the buds.

You can change the long press, or the double tap to turn the volume ±.