Tom's Guide Soundcore Q 35

I use this site for reading reviews a lot and usually love their content. They bring up some points about the q35 I hadn’t seen made before so if you’re looking to buy definitely check this review out before buying hope you all enjoy


An interesting thought provoking article!

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Thanks for sharing review

Another unabashed review, he pulls no punches and is quite blunt one has to wonder if he is as frank on others as he is on soundcore, I’ll have to check out a few of his other reviews.

All in all, not a bad review, thanks for sharing.

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ANC performance should be fixable by firmware.

The ANC you can see measured here Q35

Vs Q30 here

So you can see that the ANC is worse for Q35 at higher frequencies but I suggest that’s fixable by firmware update.


Overall a good review and I have the impression that the issues mentioned are likely to be fixed by updates - the on ear detection problem mentioned has already been fixed…

The key point that come up in most reviews is that the Q30s are really good for their price, especially now they are reduced / on offer. This makes the additional cost for the Q35s a little harder to justify.

I do like my Q35s and how they look and feel.
I find I can get away without using ANC a lot of the time, so that has not been a big issue for me.


@roger186 I agree with everything you said. It’s not that the Q35’s are overpriced per say. It’s just in comparison to the Q30’s it’s a tad hard to justify the price difference. Especially if your phone/PC/Tablet doesn’t support LDAC (mine doesn’t :frowning:).


Its not that bad when the argument is buy another Soundcore product.

I’m sure Q35 will drop in price, there’s no evidence it is fundamentally significantly more expensive hardware than Q30.

Market forces will do the rest.

I paid £56 for my Q30 7 months ago.

Q30 currently £60
Q35 currently £130 so exactly double the price.