Too much background noise

I bought these bc the reviews were good on silencing background noise. I cannot use these at all for calls. Everyone complains about me dropping a cotton ball! Obviously exaggerated but not far from truth. They hear every sound going on in my background, magnified, its ridiculous. Not even sure what to do with these since I really didn’t need another set of ear buds😩

If you expect an advice or smth. you should specify model of the earbuds

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What model are you talking about?
Let us know please.
Thank you.

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So I will assume it is earbuds

Other than to direct them toward your mouth unsure without more knowledge of buds…

Using abbreviations is not good at all.
Some may know the meaning others not.

People whose native tongue is not English as me, often don’t know the meaning.

When reading those abbreviations I can not understand,
am often too lazy to ask GG :grin: what it could mean.

But of course I know what BC means : Before Christ! :rofl: