Top Speaker Producers

I have tried and teasted all the bluetooth speakers you can think of. In my opinion the top 4 companies that produce quilty sound and equipment teathered with software you can download in thw google playstore are.

Altec Lansing


Skull Candy

Anker Soundcore.


There are so many tests an reviews around.
Mostly payed propaganda (Youtube)
So its very difficult to evaluate the “best” ones.
In the past there were only a few companies producing good bt speakers.
But today?
Too many.
I know some of the manufacturers you mentioned but I never got my hands on these.
After using a perfect “soundtool” my Flare minis got a much better sound than before.
There are so many adjustments which can be made by software at the bt source.

I just got My motion boom today and I already feel like they are the best speaker producers in the world! Dope!!