Touch sound gone for Liberty Air 2

Earlier I used to hear a beep on touching either of the touch control after recent reset it’s gone.
Tried resetting multiple times cannot find an option in the app as well.
Anyone have faced similar issue ?

You should reach out to customer support and let them know. Might be a new issue since we haven’t heard of this here before.

This is where the touch tones would be listed.
Which firmware do you have?

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Thank you!
Upgrading the firmware fixed the issue
Do you know how to enable the music pause feature when ear bud are taken out of ear?

Good Morning,

thank you, you made my day. I had this sound, and didn’t find how to get it switched off. Now it’s gone and I’m happy again. :slight_smile:


Depending on your firmware number you probably don’t have auto-pause function. Only 4.xx version had it.

You’re welcome.