Transparency Mode/Hear Through/Ambient Sound?

Hello all, I watched the L2 Pro launch event on YouTube & toward the end Transparency mode was discussed very briefly. The young lady on the panel said that it will be added later in a firmware update, does anyone know if this is true or even possible? Thank you all in advance :grinning:

I’m sure it is true, but the update with that function has not been released yet. As of right now, I don’t know when that feature will be available.



I up this subject, would be nice to have roughly ET for an update on the L2P with this transparency feature. If Soundcore crew could enlight us?

More than possible, just a question of timing for them to do it. If it is a critical feature for you, don’t buy until it is working and verified by others. Sometimes features take longer than anticipated to implement.

I was considering returning the L2P that I just got because it lacks a transparency or passthrough feature. After reading this post I found the YouTube video mentioned. Right at the 1 hour mark the facilitator mistakenly said that the L2P has transparency mode. He was immediately corrected that it’s coming later, and they quickly and awkwardly shifted the topic. Has Anker/Soundcore addressed this elsewhere in writing or more officially? If it’s confirmed, not only would I keep pair, but I’d likely buy 2 more for my wife and son.

This transparency mode will be awesome!!!

Just updated firmware to version 01.15, but it still doesn’t include transparency mode.

Certainly hope so. I try very hard never to buy on features that are “coming soon”.

Yep! I actually had more to my post but did an edit. I know these LP2 will not fall on the wayside, much like the eufycams.