Transparency Mode On LIBERTY 3 Pro Needs Boost

Transparency mode on Liberty Pro 3 needs to be stronger. As well, when only using one bud, for phone use, the transparency mode is shaded out. It feels like i am deaf in my right or left ear. Please fix this and these will be the best headphones I have ever used and i’ve used Bose, Sennheiser and Samsung. Thanks.

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It may be some rational as I believe that is similar to the air 2 pro (I got those but to lazy to check right now.)

Best thing is to contact you may have better luck to get something done depending on how many had asked for this


I agree with @Duane_Lester. It’s always best to directly contact Customer Support with product requests.

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For sure contact support since if they get enough asking for it it’s more likely to be tackled sooner if they can provide a fix which I believe they should cause I don’t think the hardware is limiting them in this case so it would just be a firmware update

It’s coming with update. Just annouced :+1:


It is still rather quiet in January 2022. I must say that transparency mode on my Life Q35 is by far better.

The mic is further away in Q35. If you boost transparency mode in too small a device it causes a squeek feedback loop. While not claiming it cannot be boosted, there is good engineering reasons why it can’t.

It is seal dependent so I suspect they could improve it as part of HeadID.

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I see, that makes sense of course.

To be honest, I was quite happy with their transparency at home, but after coming to the office today and trying to talk to people without taking the buds out, I realized I would have loved them to be a bit more transparent. I would say that it is arnd 25-30% quieter than my normal hearing - both in normal and voice boost mode. I would even be okay with increased white noise if that would help to improve the transparency level.

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It is definitively worthwhile asking, giving it a focus as something may be possible.

But there is an upper limit ultimately. How far it is now from that limit, I don’t know.

They have good engineers at Soundcore and they do listen here.

My idea is that the issue of feedback is frequency dependent and person specific, so that lends itself to detecting the maximum transparency on a per-ear basis. If not for the L3P then a wishlist for the next product.

Frequency dependent is the buds themselves and the tissue (bone in particular) around the ear will transmit sound both in and out and there will be some frequencies which move most. As these buds are tight all around the ear, there is a lot of transmission.

Person specific is tissue and ear fit dependent. A better fit does want more transparency and will leak sound less.

The Q35 is like the Q30 that I own, the mic is further away and any feedback is diluted by the physically larger volume of the product.

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I do realize there are physical limitations due to the size and configuration of the buds, but does it really have something to do with the microphones, their position, etc? I mean the microphones are doing the job - the transparency is there, it is not distorted or bad quality or whatsoever, it is just too quiet. I think there should be an easy way to increase the volume of what is already coming via the microphone? Or just let the users adjust this volume to our taste? :slight_smile:.

I am not saying cannot be improved.

Just that if you transmit the external sound inwards, some of that inwards sound leaks out, is picked up by the outside mic and transmitted again. So a bit like a microphone near a speaker gets feedback. So there is a limit. How far off that limit - don’t know. And also any feedback can be detected and eliminated with appropriate electronics anyway at some cost.

Hope you get what you want.

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Hm, that could make sense… Ok, let’s see if they will improve it any further in coming updates. I am going to keep them, as I am pretty satisfied with everything else about them. So far… :slight_smile:

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On another hand, when I am playing loud music (that is obviously supposed to be leaking in the same way) in transparency mode, it does not seem like the microphones are having any issues with that, so why would they have it with the louder sound of the environment?

Depends on the electronics.

It knows the sound it is generating from music and it knows the delay in the feedback so can detect and remove it from transparency.

External sound, how does it know it is a new different sound to not transmit internally? The external mic will pick up the leak and the new external sound and how can it differentiate?

This is down to how good are the electronics. What you ask for is entirely possible for future products, but for the electronics within what you already own, existing products, there’s an upper limit the engineers will know.

For sure, asking for improvement is a good way to get it. If not now, then in the next product.

The L3P is still their flagship TWS in-ear product so your feedback will drive new sales.

It is good you like the L3P, I don’t have the ears for them to stay in. I use Q30.

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Ok, that makes sense again. Thanks for education! :slight_smile:

I love my Q35 too (not at default EQ setting, though), but it is too hot to wear them in summer time during my walks. And my good old Life P2 are lacking everything, except for relatively good sound, considering the price. Therefore I decided to go for L3P as a portable and walking/biking solution this time. But Q35 is still my home/airplane/train king. :slight_smile:

I might be wrong, but I’ve got a feeling that the transparency mode has been somewhat boosted in the recent update (V03.75). Nothing has been officially announced, though.

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Often there is no detailed description what is improved. Glad you feel better about transparency of your earbuds