Transparency mode

I’m loving the noise cancelling on my Life A2s while in work but the transparency modes volume is too low to be useful

I can’t hear people talking clearly and end up having to take my gloves off and take out a bud, it’s annoying really annoying.

On my life Q30s I don’t have to take off my headphones to have a conversation but as it’s so warm at the moment I can’t be wearing them.

Please please please fix this issue or at least give us a volume slider for min and max transparency volume.

Again Please :pray:

I do not have them but the issue may be where they put the NC mics.

Although the community is a good place to start, I think you may want to contact for further assistance.

They will be able to provide a better feedback to the technical staff on any potential fixes or improvements.

Ahhh well if it’s hardware then I’m bollocksed :sweat:

Do they ( soundcore) read or reply in this group ?

Yes but on average a couple of days delay replying.

There is a good physics reason for a max ambient mode volume not being loud enough.

There is a tiny delay in audio, both electronics and speed of sound. As ambient is listening to outside sound and piping inwards, some of that sound will bleed outside, then be detected and piped in, which then bleeds out, etc etc.

So you create a feedback loop, identical to why microphones near speakers make feedback.

You can detect and suppress feedback to a certain degree but then you worsen audio quality because you block accidentally higher frequency sounds (music).

So what the engineers in beta testing did was find the maximum volume which doesn’t cause feedback.

I think with HearID they can detect and tune the maximum volume which does not feedback, ears with tighter seal should tolerate higher volume.

So I do see ways to improve.

I suspect new ambient mode, and new HearID buds are in the works, as if little 'ole me knows this, they should too. But to be clear, I doubt what you ask for will be retrospectively done for your buds, they are designed, tested, a closed product. I’m referring to new products, in beta now or the next one in the engineering lab, they can be made better. Faster electronics to more accurately detect and remove feedback help and that happens naturally over time anyway.

So I think better future products. To get them, simply keep asking!

So because my Q30s are much larger the spacing of the mics reduces feedback ? So that’s why they sound crystal clear in transparency mode? Honestly the Q30s sound very nearly like I’m not wearing headphones but omg it’s too warm to wearing them at the moment.

Yes and less bleed back and the physical size being larger, the sound which can bleed back is lower frequency which is why they tuned Q30 to ambient the higher frequency sounds only not the bass sounds as the bass sound can diffract around bigger objects while higher frequencies reflect. The smaller in-ear the frequencies are smaller so do this less well.

The Q30 is roughly 8cm diameter so it inherently reflect back (so doesn’t bleed through) everything above 3750Hz. The-in buds are say 1cm diameter so reflect back (not bleed) 468Hz. The human voice is right around that range, so it’s much harder engineering.

This can be improved but expensive to do well.

Sounds like I’ll have to live with it for now, apart from this slight inconvenience the buds are amazing and sound really good so it’s not a deal breaker.

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I think there is also the thing that soundcore is starting to put that into more earbuds. It was in the Life NC at first (I think that was the first) but here more recently in been in almost everything they have done this year. So the ANC may get better (not with these versions) the more that they experiment and incorporate it into other devices.