Traveling with Bluetooth Speakers?

Do you travel with Bluetooth speakers?

  • Of course. I never leave home without a bluetooth speaker.
  • Uh, no way. I only travel with earbuds and / or headphones.
  • I travel with a bluetooth speaker if I’m driving, but why would you pack a bluetooth speaker when flying?
  • I have my footman pack the phonograph one of my wardrobe trunks, old chap.

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I ask because I packed my pair of icons in my carry on this week when travelling to Philadelphia. I am glad I did, because I put them in opposite sides of the hotel room and it was awesome. I don’t think I’ll ever travel without them again, actually. It helps that they are sleek and not boxy like a boost or something - they actually can fit in a carry on!

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I would never leave without one!! That would be preposterous!!

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I always pack my SoundCore Mini when I travel!

I always need a good trusty speaker with me.

I carry ALL my speakers with me, so I need an extra suitcase.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


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I carry couple of BT speakers whether or not I need them… never know when I might need them :grin:

I have at all times with me in my car or bag at work
The Flare, the Motion Q, Soundcore Nano and any combination of bluetooth headphones or earbuds. I generally have at least 2 or 3 pairs with me depending on what I want to listen to that night

Always :grin:


Nice case for the ZERO, much better looking than my old neanderthalan suitcase. :smiley:

Thanks for remining me the Zero can fit in the backpack. Now I’m gonna bring that with me instead of the flare and motion q…or maybe I just keep them all with me at all times :thinking:

Hey @Tank. How does the motion q compare to the flare? Volume and quality

Go see my YouTube video

Oh okay. Thanks!

Honestly have never really thought about taking one unless I was out camping or heading to the beach. I should whenever I do travel because of the amount of times I have been in a hotel or condo and have either been stuck with the one in the room or just headphones. I’m going to add it to my “things needed for the trip” excel sheet as we speak.

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Traveling, as in staying the night somewhere rather than your home, I always bring my Anker Soundcore Bluetooth speaker and my Soundbuds slims.

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