Tried my Q30 for first time. Let's talk ANC

I cracked open the box and just tried on some Q30.

Paired with phone and used the Soundcore app.

I see in ANC I have 3 options, transport, indoors, outdoors. Why can’t I block ALL sound? Why do I need to choose which?

I’ve swapped between Q30 and the Sony wh-1000xm3. The ANC of the Sony is much better, it blocks the sound of traffic much better than any of the modes on the Q30. The modes on Q30 do change how much traffic noise is reduced but none of them are as good as Sony. Is this well known, accepted, or I’m doing something wrong?

The Sony app allows you to apply ANC to subset of capability, e.g. not block voice, but it has full ANC to block everything. I don’t see that mode in the Soundcore app.

I’ve looked around all settings and don’t see a method to improve the ANC. Anyone know?

I’m deciding if I gift the Q30, keep for myself or return, I only put them on my head for 10 mins to decide which.

It is possible that Q30 aren’t at the same level as Sony just because of the price difference. I don’t think you can do anything else to make the ANC better

Put cotton in your ears before putting them on??? :rofl:

I do not have either but I think it is like comparing apple to oranges. Both are good but are different. I see that the Sony are 350 and Q30 are 80. I think at times we forget this when doing comparison at time.

With that said as well, there are probably several things that the Q30 should have been better at or was trying to try to do that may not have went over well with users. I think some have said in other post that they thought the q30 were quieter in sound or there was something button combination that may have messed with the ANC when changing mode.

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Hmmm sorry to hear they don’t live up to your standard or what you would expect. I’ve been debating getting the q30 for a while so this is definitely something to take into consideration

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The Sony are better. Also much more expensive. Question is whether the better quality is worth the price difference.

I don’t have the Q30, only the 20. But my brother has the Sonys, I’ve tried them, and they are better.


I’m saying the Q30 can cancel the low hum noise, they can also cancel the mids, but the app is giving an either/or, is there a way to unlock cancelling both?

If you look at the Sony app they give an either / or / both choice.

This not necessarily Sony is better conclusion, it could be an app issue.

Not quibbling value for money, for $250 less you get some useful ANC.

I mean the Sony@s are like $250 vs like $80 for the Q30s. I think the Q30s are more of a budget friendly set of headphones.