True Wireless Sound or TWS with Soundcore Boost (updated version)

Hi I am having a really tough time with trying to get my two Soundcore boosts to connect with TWS.

I have read and followed the steps in this post:

There are two options in theory to get the two speakers to connect and serve as L and R speakers in stereo. The one is through simultaneously pressing the TWS button (near the charge port) or through the Soundcore app. I have not had success either way.

These are the exact same speaker with updated firmware.

Here is the directions from the “manual” on how to connect:

I can tell you that I have tried every imaginable sequence to get this to work but with no success.

The Soundcore app is the other approach but is not helping me out either. Here is what I see on the app:

When I select one, it just goes into single speaker mode. I don’t have any option to sync them/use TWS or anything else for that matter.

This is what I have in bluetooth before I connect:

This is what displays after I choose a single speaker in the Soundcore app:

It’s really quite frustrating. I’d really appreciate anyone’s ideas on how to get this to work.

I tend to say away from speakers at this time. You should have a few people comment on this in the near future and get you the help you need. But from the picture it looks like it wants you to push both of the buttons for 2 seconds at the same time.

This is a little different maybe from what I have seen or heard from other community members.

May be you should delete the bt list of that device first, so that none of the speakers shows up there.

After done this do the TWS connection WITHOUT any bt devices switched on.
So they could get a TWS pairing.
After this switch on the bt device and connect it.
(only one speaker should appear there now)

I got a similar confusion when I connected my Flares to my resetted laptop.
(Both showed up at the bt connection)

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Thanks. I have definitely tried that and many other combinations. If you look closely at the picture it shows one device paired and the other flashing. It’s very hard to see but I have also tried that approach too. No go.

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Hi Chiquinho,

I have tried:

  1. deleting the devices on phone and then trying the TWS connection not powered on.

  2. deleting the devices in Bluetooth listing on phone. powering on and trying TWS button press. no luck.

  3. having one device paired with phone, and then another flashing (not paired) and trying the TWS button. no luck with this either.

So this isn’t working for me at this point.

Sorry, that was all i can tell you about.
May be there is someone who knows more about.

The Motion+ manual may be better instruction? Have you tried the instructions from this?

Hi there.
Have you managed to connect the speakers yet? I had the same problem. In fact I bought a Soundcore Boost and read about TWS so I bought another, only to realise the first speaker I purchased had a jack port and not the TWS button.
So I bought another speaker. You can imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t get them to connect for stereo sound. Got 3 of the speakers and cannot connect TWS! lol.
Anyway, I figured it out: You need to power up 1 speaker and connect it to your phone or other device (others have mentioned deleting the speakers from your device’s Bluetooth settings. This is not necessary).
Then once connected put some music on so you can tell when TWS is working. Then power up the other speaker. When 2nd speaker is on, press and hold the power button until it starts flashing (mine immediately connected to my phone but music still only came out of the 1st speaker at this stage).
When the power button starts to flash, then press and hold the TWS button (you only have to do this on the speaker you turned on 2nd).
Both speakers should then connect and you should have stereo. One speaker will have a blue light on the power button, the 2nd speaker’s light should be white.
When I tuned speakers on the next time, they automatically gave TWS stereo output and they have ever since.
Good luck!


Welcome to the community…We strive to have fun, talk music and life and help fellow members

Thanks for providing some boost info… I know a few people recently on here has had boost connection issues

I’m having the same problem, but unfortunately I’ve tried everything suggested here and it still doesn’t work :pensive:

Same here.
Two brand new Soundcore boosts with TWS buttons and can’t get them to pair up to operate as a stereo pair.
No amount of faffing and different ways makes it work

Normally, you can TWS pair two Boost speakers per the following steps:

  1. Press the TWS button
    2.The TWS indicator light(Whiter under power button) will flash white, indicating the two speakers are in pairing mode.
  2. You will hear a “tone” when the two speakers are paired together successfully. Normally, when the two Soundcore Boost speakers pair together successfully, the TWS indicator of the master speaker is Blue and the TWS indicator of the sub-speaker indicator is a solid white indicator.

Avoid having any electronic devices between the two speakers. Make sure the distance between the two speakers not greater than 5 meters / 16.4 feet.

After you manage them, you can pair your device with only the master Soundcore Boost.

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Unfortunately this did not work for me.

I was so encouraged to see this, however after following all of the steps I have had no luck.

OK! I finally got this to work. I am not 100% sure exactly what happened because I don’t want to stop it and try to recreate.

Delete both speakers from your bluetooth list to start.

First (let’s call it RED) BT pair one speaker. Then play some music on it.
Second BT (let’s call it GREEN) pair the other speaker and play music on it.
RED will be still on but not connected. Press the POWER so it is flashing blue. Then Press the TWS button until the power button flashes white.
Then press the TWS button on GREEN and then the you should have them paired and music playing on both.

The slave device (white power button) is the right speaker.

I have attached a photo so that you can see what the set-up looks like.

So complicated but I think this is what happened!!

I was thrilled to find this reply with step-by-step instructions on how to pair two Anker Boost (with TWS) speakers to achieve stereo sound. Like another poster I tried several combinations of button pressing with no success.
I followed this poster’s instructions to the letter. Nothing! The speakers did not pair.

I have now written to Anker asking for specific step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with pairing.

Anker’s reply will determine if I will need to go back and amend my glowing comments on Amazon and Facebook to reflect my frustration and disappointment.

Sorry, Joe 893. Your instructions didn’t work either.

I may be wrong but if they have to be the same versions or it won’t work. I think other threads mentioned something similar. You may want to check versions and or contact

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Well of you wrote to Anker then that’s slowed it down. Write to Soundcore.

Well if after you’ve exhausted the official channel then possibly letting other potential buyers know is doing some good, but the passive aggressive venting in a community of fans is not going to help credibility of any review.

This community is not a support site, it is a peer site talking about many othe topics, so if you want support then explicitly to to support.

When you get a fix, reply here to be helpfully contributing to community.

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Hi Joe, of all the methods described here, only yours worked for me.
The decisive factor was to switch the loudspeakers on one after the other, then switch the first one back to Bluetooth pairing mode (press the on / off button longer) and then press the TWS button on both loudspeakers once (actually only once).