Two Motion+ in Stereo mode: 2-3 seconds of muting at start of playback

In another Q&A thread, Totem reported:

  • 2-3 seconds of muting (not actually delay) after start of video playback. It’s very annoying. The issue exist only with a video playback (youtube videos for example).

I’ve the same 2-3 seconds muting with the pair of Motion+ in stereo, but at the start of each mustic or video playback.

Playback device which exhibits this issue:

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite running MIUI 11 (Android 10)

Playback devices which don’t exhibit it:

  • Samsung S7 Edge (Model SM-G935F)
  • Acer Swift SF314 Notebook running Linux Fedora 31 (using a custom Kernel 3.7.0-rc2)

On YouTube, the Bluetooth Speaker reviewer Alan Ross also reported such issue. Alan guessed it would be a “sync” issue, and said one should just play continuously, but despite using audio players which have contiunous playback enabled, still the first 2-3 seconds of each track are muted (in stereo mode only). Also, the first seconds of Videos are muted in the same way.

Since the Samsung S7 Edge and the Notebook to not trigger that issue, this cannot be something which is unfixable, it must be something that the Motion+ do different with the Xiami Mi 9 Lite (and seemingly the devices of Totem and Alan Ross (He uses an Samsung S10 as playback device in a recvent video).

Any clues would be appreciated. I also asked and add any help I get from there here as well.

Thank you for reading and any helpful input or data (if you see that too, with which HW&SW) on that.

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