[UK] 25% + 20% Off - Anker SoundCore 24-Hour Playtime Bluetooth Speaker

I always gated the duel percentage off. Should just say it is now 40 percent

I don’t why it is offered as such… may be at the end they will keep just 25% and eventually go back to full price.
They might found a good reason for offering layered discounts

It is the illusion of math of getting more off. We see 25 and 20 and people will think that the are getting 45 percent but it is 20 percent of the 25 percent which is 15 percent. So the 25 + 20 is actually 40 percent and not 45 percent.

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:100: agree with you. Marketing tricks :rofl:

The same reason all prices end in .99. We can all tell, but it worked once on someone, so they keep doing it forever.