UK Liberty 4 £112

After a long wait after a USA-only launch, theses available outside USA. UK example above but probably other countries too…

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Seem to be available in DE.
I remember I got an announcement, but I am not interested in buds I didn’t “recognize”. :laughing:

But checking heart rate? Pulse 120! :smile:
This information will be stored and send to “XYZ-server”
So our beloved “big brother” is able to record if you have been to ??? :rofl:
Crazy world.


From the teardowns I’ve seen there’s no way these cost anything to justify this high price. I’d expect a true eventual discounted price down around £70.

It’s almost as if the £140 was made up to make the future £70 a “50% discount”.

Price won’t drop til demand is less than supply, so everyone who buys at today’s price is keeping it there for longer.

I still don’t fully understand why Anker has released so late outside of USA. At the time of launch there was no underlying justification I could find.

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Nice to see it’s finally available at more places in the world. Thanks for sharing this information. :+1:

It’s too bad that Soundcore doesn’t let members know of updates like this.


Thanks. I have “spiders” which detect the changes but only run every 24hours so sometimes someone is ahead of me upto a day.

If you’re not a geek the simplest low-tech method is simply swap the .com to e.g. .de .eu for the Amazon link and then set a camelcamelcamel watch for it.

I may want some A40 before end of year, I set a watch for the price I’d be prepared to pay. These prices for just earbuds are ridiculously high. Make do and mend til then.

Why do you think they’re overpriced? If you look at some reviews, it seems they’re really better the airpods pro 2 or galaxy buds pro 2 for example, which costs more…

Overpriced as in the sum of components costs is substantially lower than the “discounted” price today.

Take for example the released earlier A40, its deepest discount was Nov/Dec £62 it’s today “discounted” to £70. They were making a profit at £62 so even more at £70.

If you want them now get them just know a lower price will be coming.