UK Prime sales L3P Q35 Q30 X10 Frames MB+ MB

Interesting the discounted price for Q30 is same as 2 years ago.

I have the Frames, good for summer walking / biking, have the X10 good for wet conditions (Frames does not handle wet at all) .

I have the Q30, not the Q35, but unless you are on Android with lossless media you won’t benefit from Q35’s LDAC and so go with the better value Q30. If you see reviews saying the headbands cracks that was an issue with earlier batches and later it was much less common issue.

The MB is highly reviewed and at these prices you can get two MB for price of one MB+ and pair them for combined louder and stereo separation.

The L3P is highly reviewed and still holds its own against the L4 so long as fit isn’t an issue.

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Some nice deals for you guys in the UK! :+1:

PS I really like the L3P.

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