UK's reacts to "Take it Easy" by The Eagles


Hm. seems to be usual now at those events.
Concerts, football ect.
High cultured folks and audience around as far we see.

This was a £399 minimum per ticket section…

The higher the price the better is the audience!

Mad world. Thanka for sharing

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They should have played Raw Hide.

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The fuelling factor behind most of these is the booze. Prior to Covid I went to two Rod Stewart concerts in 2018 and 2019 and on both occasions I ended up getting between two warring groups of strangely…spouses and in laws who….were well and truly beyond any limits and we’re wanting to rip each other’s heads off.

Took at least 3 minutes to get the stewards attention on the fracas despite being five rows away from them…

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Yes I share such a suspicion.

Gammons got to gam.

Too much of this happening now. They shouldn’t be allowed in, no matter how much they paid for their ticket.

Maybe the sale of alcohol should be stopped at these events, but as most of the time the alcohol companies are sponsors, I doubt that would ever happen!