Unable to login - community site log in issue

@Loz @hannah
It seems members having issues with log in to the forum since yesterday.
My home computer was fine and so with my phone. Unable to log in using my work computer. Cleared cache etc, but no use.

May be it’s a duplicate post, if so let it be. I did search few times but couldn’t find any related threads.

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In fact, as my IT says always, I rebooted my computer and no luck :rofl:

I haven’t had any issues…

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I had a little trouble early on. I do try to log in while working at times. Mobile is ok but for the work pcs, I find that edge is the only one that I can get on. The reason is that I had signed up on Anker and here with my facebook account. So Edge is the only one that will enable the facebook log on link.

Now for Anker, I can only log on through mobile at work as any browser has the facebook link disabled. (which I should report)

But again I would love to have an ability to document an alternate log in than using just the facebook log in case it mess up with a browser update.

Coke.com has their rewards section and it allows for different log ins types is a good example.

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I didn’t use fb or google account log in. Created a separate user ID just for Anker

I had the same issues as you

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I am using a direct login, no links to other sites. I can log in to both Anker and Soundcore main sites with no issues. But the forums I can’t get to with a new login on the computer where I have been signed out. On my phone and home computer, I haven’t logged out in a while, and they are fine. Not messing with them until my laptop can get on again.

The secrets of IT.
It works sometime, it doesnt work often.
But if it works nobody can tell you why it works! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Still no response from admin team?

Are you still having troubles?

Tested this morning and email / password logon was working again for me…so they’ve possibly sorted out whatever was going on…

Never had any such problems.
Secrets of IT! :wink:

I’m back :hugs:

YES, back online, working for me now!
Hope that giveaway thread will not break their servers again :roll_eyes::grimacing: