Unexpected product

Similar to how many felt when Anker released non-rechargable AA & AAA batteries, what product do you think Soundcore might consider that is sort of out of the box for them?

If it’s “out of the box” how can any of us predict it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The other was a evape battery… Still want it :grinning:

Sunglasses with earbuds

Electric razors maybe, or a beard trimmer? Truly great systems still dont seem to have great battery life and longevity. Anker might just be able to pull it off.

You write about ANKER, but I think we are on SOUNDCORE’s site.

If this all gets more and more mixed up the 2 forums make NO sense.

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Maybe a Soundcore microwave that only plays music when you are cooking something!

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Amps and subwoofers for cars.

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Meh, add a speaker to the trimmer and viola its a soundcore product…

With a fake nose and mustache?


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I could see that up Eufy’s alley.

How about a Propane Fire Pit with speakers inside?

Or a Bug Zapper that plays music to lull the bugs to it before their ultimate demise!

An old school turntable! Or maybe a discman for @ndalby :laughing:

But if course

Aww man, if Soundcore made a turntable with built in amp and speaker I would love it. The one i have is a cheap no name one that I won from a Camel cigarette contest


I’m still a little confused about why they set up two. The logins are shared, the other brand community sites all still redirect to the anker community, and it doesn’t seem like there is enough activity that it would overwhelm someone looking for information about any of the brands.

And the Insider link at the top of this soundcore community page redirects back to Anker’s testing club anyway. I think this is still going to be a community with the same small crowd doing most of the talking.

This is the most gangster thing I’ve ever heard. You’ve got more cred than Skrillex as far as I’m concerned :laughing:


Ouch :wink:

I would like to see them bring a Hi-Res media player to market to compliment their Hi-Res speakers / headphones line :smile:

I remember you when I saw such a diskman at the flea today. :slightly_smiling_face:

But when the laser is not accurate and perfect., those are gone. :roll_eyes: