[Upcoming Release] Life Q10!

Soundcore is preparing to release another new set of headband headphones… take a look at Life Q10!

Features & details

  • Soundcore is Anker’s audio brand, our signature sound is loved by 10 million+ people around the world.
  • Hi-Res Certified Sound: The Hi-Res logo is a guarantee of exceptional audio quality, awarded only to audio devices capable of producing the most accurate representation of what the artist intended. Unlike ordinary headphones, Life Q10 deliver sound up to 40 kHz for the richest, most nuanced listening experience.
  • BassUp: Our exclusive BassUp technology analyzes your audio’s low frequencies in real-time and instantly increases the bass. Combined with oversized 40mm dynamic drivers, bass power is boosted up to 100%. A button on the right earcup activates BassUp.
  • 60-Hour Playtime: An advanced Bluetooth chip with reduced power draw combines with Anker’s world-renowned power technology to offer enormous playtime. Listen for 2 hours a day for an entire month.
  • Fast-Charging: In a rush? Charge Life Q10 for 5 minutes and listen for up to 5 hours. With a USB-C charging port for charging convenience and expanded compatibility.

Note: Life Q10 does not seem to have active noise cancelling functionality.

What are your thoughts on Soundcore’s upcoming Life Q10? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


Oh come on, these seems better then my life q20s :joy:.

Any pictures?


Really? These don’t even have ANC!

If there were any pictures available, I would have been sure to include them.

The ANC is nice, but not a necessity. I like the USB-C fast charging, the dedicated BassUp button, and the 60hrs playtime.

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After using a pair of headband headphones with ANC I cannot go back. Love that they are using USB-C now.

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Anc is almost a must now as even low end budget headphones are starting to include it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find it that useful. It’s only good if you’re in an already somewhat quiet environment- which I’m almost never in.

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Interesting, I was wondering what the seeming step backwards from “Q20” meant…

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I strongly disagree. ANC helps in all environments. Although Soundcore hasn’t perfected it yet, it’s much better than no ANC.

I do professional landscaping (you knew this though). Working around mowers is one of the loudest things you can work around (I’ve also worked in industrial car manufacturing factory’s). ANC doesn’t help much in my line of work.

If you’re around say a dishwasher, washing machine, fan etc. I find it to be amazing. But around louder stuff not so much.

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I didnt think you liked bass

Haha, I love bass. I always like pulling you leg about it :crazy_face:.

On the q20 there is no way to toggle the bassup on and off, it’s just always on. Some songs sound better without the bass on.

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  1. Not sure how I feel about a dedicated BassUp button… why not get rid of a button and stick with the double tap on the MFB to turn on/off BassUp.
  2. Life Q20 also has a 60 hour playtime with ANC off…

Not really sure how Life Q10 is better other than USB-C, which is probably just because it’s a little newer.

:scream::scream::scream:. I had no idea. I figured the 30hrs advertised was with ANC off, as per the regular false advertising from brands.

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They have infinity.life if you do t use anc and use them wired! lol

I like ANC, it’s just not a necessity. I still use it most of the time. I hate wired in every imaginable way.

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As someone that keeps my phone in a belt pouch, wires are annoying.

I agree, in really noisy environments ANC is a waste of battery.

In the study while mrs watching TV… anc is amazing, you really get lost in the music but out in traffic, not.much improvement… just a little. Not worth the battery tho!

I honestly won’t purchase a pair of headphones without ANC now. At least I can turn it off if I want, but not having the ability to begin with is a dealbreaker for me. USB-C is awesome as well as the Bass Up, but it would be a no go for me.


In my opinion, most songs sound better with BassUp off.

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ANC ( African National Congress :rofl:)

As far I know it is realized by a chip and a algorithm.
The noise from outside is examined and a kind of “contra noise” is created.
So these both should cancel each other.

Now, it depends how good this algorithm is programmed.
There might be differences between the manufacturers of course.
And this chip needs power when activated of course.

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