Upcoming Speakers with PartyCast™

Soundcore seems to be gearing up to release additional speakers with PartyCast™, a technology unveiled with the launch of Flare 2.

As seen in the video above, two larger speakers appear to support the new feature.

While Soundcore has yet to make any official announcements, the smaller of the two looks a lot like the upcoming Rave Neo. The larger one is inconsistent between the video and the image but does not appear to be Mega… Perhaps an upgraded version of Rave?

Are you looking forward to PartyCast™ in future speakers from Soundcore? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


Sounds good to me. Not sure why they didn’t have this previously.

I agree that it looks like the rave neo.

You’ve had a ton of soundcore insider info recently :grin:

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While it is great news about PartyCast expansion to other new speakers…

What about existing speakers Rave, Rave Mini, Trance… These are fairly new ones and would have been good to include these as well :worried:

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Haha, not really, but I hope you’re finding it useful!

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Interesting to know and will be awesome if Soundcore can add PartyCast to existing speakers with Firmware upgrade.

Looks very interesting and useful. How will they PartyCast? Bluetooth or another 2.4GHz radio that each speaker has that we don’t know about?

And if so, is it a feature they will turn On via firmware update in older models.

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PartyCast works on Bluetooth pairing, read more here


Pretty cool, sir:

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Well here we go. @Insider this is the first time I have had a post here on soundcore go phantom on us.


So it would seem…

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Yes, the Rave PartyCast then…

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i have rave neo and i want to paring with rave but i cant, someone help me?

It would appear from the user manual of the rave, that it connects via TWS, which is different protocol from the neo which is partycast.

Alternatively you can connect multiple raves through rca cables.

The flare line lines suffer the same misfortune, unable to pair mini and + with the flare 2.

Here is excerpt from the user manual…