Update firmware

My firmware is version 10.11. But I cannot update firmware to use auto pause. Please help me. Thanks!

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What are you trying to update?
I’m guessing the white liberty air 2?


I am a moderator here and I edited your email out of the post. I do not have your earbuds that I am assuming are the Liberty Air 2.

Based on several threads here, the version you have do not have the autopause function. I also think they have single tap as well and are probably white.

The auto pause air 2 would have firmware around 4.xx.

I would look on the stem on the inside for a sensor.

Please contact service@soundcore.com or return them to the store if you had wanted the autopause version.


Please help- lg k51 user… This year’s model anyways- firmware update will not process… I bought the pro 2 and same situation can anyone assure results with this situation…I even went out and bought the new bose… Their sweet buy I don’t want to give up on this company yet!? Hopefully since I’ve bought 5 of your products you could help me