Update: Soundcore Neo $39.99 with $10 coupon from Amazon

Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth 5 Headphones with Graphene Drivers are available for $39.99 with $10 coupon from Amazon

Soundcore Liberty Neo


Wider Soundstage

Liberty Neo’s graphene drivers oscillate with extreme precision to bring you sound with extraordinary accuracy and an ultra-realistic listening experience.


Exceptional Clarity

Sound produced via graphene drivers boasts dramatically enhanced clarity—allowing you to hear every delicate detail and nuance.


BassUp Technology

Our exclusive technology uses a customized algorithm to perform real-time analysis on your music and intensify the low frequencies for up to 43% more bass.


Lightweight Build

Each earbud weighs just 0.2 oz to ensure you enjoy a fatigue-free experience, no matter how long you listen.


Exceptional Comfort

We’ve analyzed thousands of ears of and put our wireless earbuds through rigorous testing to create an ergonomic design that fits ears of all shapes and sizes.


Rock-Solid Fit

Soundcore’s proprietary GripFit technology keeps the wireless earbuds sitting securely in your ears—even when you’re running for a bus or pushing your limits at the gym. Simply slide in and twist to lock.


Fully Sweatproof

Keep playing, running, and dancing in any conditions. Liberty Neo wireless earbuds effortlessly resist sweat and rain, and can even be rinsed clean under the tap.

wireless earbuds

Unbreakable Connectivity

Liberty Neo utilizes satellite technology; in the form of an LDS antenna; and Bluetooth 5.0 to create a seriously strong connection. Get steady, skip-free audio even in busy spaces.

wireless earbuds

Customize Your Liberty

Liberty Neo is supplied with a plethora of accessories so you can tailor the perfect fit. Choose from 4 sets of EarTips and EarWings.


Hurry… ends soon, 83% claimed

Nice deal, wish I had seen that earlier. I would have purchased those

Do we get points for purchases on Amazon or only when we purchase through Soundcore??

There’s still a $10 coupon…


I have thought about getting those a few times, but now I am more curious about the coming products. Still a great deal though, thanks for sharing!

Dang it…Always a dollar short and a day late…

Too bad I missed the lightning deal but $40 is still decent!

Hesitant to buy these with the new ones on the horizon…

Only through soundcore, cant be the soundcore store on Amazon to my understanding.

Another Deal today on Amazon $33.99, Sold out pretty quick though. Got the email at 1PM EDT and now it’s 3:15 EDT and expired…I do work and look what happens! GRRRR!!!