Update the BassUp button so speakers can Toggle between the previous EQ setting or BassUp

I’m new to Soundcore products and love my new Motion+, a last minute change due to positive Reddit posts. I was originally looking at JBL speakers. I agree that the Custom EQ is the key to getting these tuned for each of the environments and types of music I listen to.

I would love to be able to toggle between BassUp and my Custom EQ profile instead of the BassUp or Original profiles. I have to go back to the app so the button becomes obsolete.

Even better would be the option to modify each of the out of the box presets and cycle through them with the button on the speaker instead of having to go to the app all the time.


+1, the Bass button is pretty useless for now.
I just saw in a youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcWKYjjeTcw) that on the Flare+, the bass button actually gives a bass boost on the current profile, instead of switching to the BassUp profile. This is a WAY better implementation, and I can’t wait for the motion+ to work the same way


Yes please, exactly this.

Return to previously selected profile instead of “Original” (or I think for me it is even another right now) would already be a great improvement.

Saving multiple custom EQs would be awesome. Cycle through them as suggested, or make it possible to select 2 individually for toggling instead of fixing it to BassUp.

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I agree. I’ve had this speaker for half an hour now and I managed to get a custom Eq preset and noticed that the Bass Up button is now useless. Even worse as if someone presses it or if I accidentally do, I need to go into the app to restore the custom EQ. Would be great to have this toggle back to the last set preset.


This. Yes please! Anker, I hope you’re listening. This is the feature I want most in the next firmware update.

I’ve had my Motion+ For one day and love it. But I hate that the BassUp button won’t toggle between the BassUp and last setting. Add me to the wish list.

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Just bought the Motion+ today, first and biggest glaring issue to me, also that the Wave Equalizer doesn’t scale dB on the Y axis in increments beyond 6, 0 and -6 (increments of whole numbers would be useful) so you’re just adjusting by eye if you want accurate dB change. Would be awesome to see these fixed on an app/firmware update

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