Update to the Anker Communities' ToS

Hi all,

I’d like to bring your attention to an update on the Anker Community ToS, which also covers the Soundcore Collective. Please see below:

  1. You may not post, comment, discuss, provide, or otherwise disclose any product information (including but not limited to product names, features, designs, photos, graphs, or ideas) that has not been publicly announced by Anker and/or is considered confidential by Anker Innovations Limited.
  2. You may not post content that causes or may cause damage to the Anker brands or any affiliated partners ’ reputation; this includes but is not limited to defamatory, libelous, and/or slanderous comments. This, however, does not include content regarding product issues.

We will be working with admins and mods to enforce the rules. As well as removing old posts/threads that are currently in violation of the new rules.


wow… Is this something for @Insider to watch out for?


Hey Shenoy, ToS apply to all members; not any one member.

@Loz Acknowledged :pray: :blush:

We get to know all the latest products from Insider before those are published by Anker or Soundcore, example, the latest on Trance Go, which in a way is good and helpful for members, to discuss and anticipate, and we really like this coming our way.

Soundcore Crew themselves have done this, very recently, (Rave PartyCast coming soon… Search the community and you will find it)

Does this ToS mean, no more of this content?

That’s correct. An unreleased or unannounced product is considered confidential information.

Don’t worry guys. Everything I share on the Community and Collective is already 100% public information posted online by Anker Innovations.

The only exception to this was a post from March providing an exclusive first look at Rave Neo and Trance Go, which I received special permission from @Loz to share with you all. Those are the only types of posts this change affects, I believe. There have also been one or two on the Anker Community over the past few years. Other than that, everything is already 100% public by the time I share it with you.

Hope this clears up any confusion! Longtime followers should know that I am and always have been transparent about this.

FYI – @Shenoy, @SoundcoreAdam


@Insider Thanks for doing, what you have been at! :+1:

Need to see what these changes mean and how topics will be handled.

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I suspect threads like the one I shared above (exclusive first look at Rave Neo and Trance Go) will no longer be allowed. In other words, @Loz will no longer grant permission for them. Again, though, that is the only one in over a year, so they’re not very often; I don’t believe it will affect the vast majority of the news you have come to expect from AnkerInsider. :wink:

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Another angle to it…

If this is already available on Public Domain, published by Anker (not sure how and where), anyone trying to get information, will find it anyway.

Isn’t it better to be on Anker / Soundcore community as well, giving more information to users, directly on Anker’s official communities?

Just a thought :nerd_face:


Curious to see how this pans out over both communities :thinking:…will be hard to enforce this if something is public when some times the admins (and certainly mods) have no idea it was already posted somewhere in the net by someone else in the Anker Innovations team (often sniffed out by product bloodhound @Insider :grin: )

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Good I found that sentence, Lawrence. :smiley:

Of course design criticism, technical discussions of ANKER/soundcore items must be done.
All other “unwanted” comments can be deleted, but this should not lead to a real censorship.
Deletions of those have been perfectly done all over the years by our moderators .

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For sure. Defo some grey areas. As always we’re able to interpret these rules as required and make judgment calls as and when is needed, but if there is a genuine product quality issue then we need to hear it. Otherwise we’d never be able to better our products :wink:

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They’ll probably make me start posting my source every time… :roll_eyes:

That’s exactly what I mean and do since many years. :wink:

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Then we will be able to know where you get all these insider info from :smile:


Thank you for the heads up!

Can see you having some posting competition on who posts first then…with the quick on the trigger members :laughing:

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I got berated in some PM’s on the Eufy Security community by one of the mods for posting something that was posted here and on Anker, so it will be interesting to see how that goes across each of them.


And then maybe some of the rest of us can duplicate your work. Except we won’t, because you are better at it.